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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of countervail.


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  • Producers countervailed against retailers and retailers against distributors.

    Jamie Galbraith: 'The government is not, by any means, a pure representative of the working population.'

  • However, the colonially appointed Durrani sovereign's apparent benevolence on this point was in fact countervailed because in the same letter he also announced the deputation of a mirza and two subcontracted agents of Nur Muhammad to collect arat or export commission fees from all nomads carrying Afghan fruit to India. 50

    Connecting Histories in Afghanistan: Market Relations and State Formation on a Colonial Frontier

  • If the Clintons are a part of the colluding elites who enjoy personal advancement within the gridlock, then I hope they get countervailed along with the rest of the old establishment.

    Clinton 'Advisor': Obama Is For People Who Want "Imaginary Hip Black Friend"

  • I think what also countervailed any condemning supposition that Roosevelt sacrificed servicemen to get the US into a war with Japan was the real determination, lethality and tenacity of the dictatorial enemies of the US, and Europe.

    AP Poll: Bush Is Both the Biggest "Hero" and "Villain"

  • I have not been able to envision another potential situation whereby the entrenched power of the few could be successfully countervailed and balanced out by ordinary citizens, except what Barack Obama has been able to achieve with his grassroots campaign in terms of true public financing and in terms of true citizen involvement.

    Report: Obama Has Run More Than 100,000 Political Ads

  • I should say too that the sequencing is exquisite here, & works to create an atmosphere of dreamy obsession & peril countervailed by both elegy & ingenious play with the material of language.


  • It was obvious they could help dramatically with office work (though it may be that the increased productivity has been almost entirely countervailed by the increased amount of virtual paperwork they generate).

    Esther Dyson: The Quantification of Everything

  • All codes need to be countervailed, sometimes even swamped in their negation, on pain of rigidity, enervation, the atrophy of social cohesion, blindness, perhaps ultimately self-destruction A Secular Age, 50.

    Archive 2008-01-13

  • Hereupon the King cast aside all cark and care and robed the wizards and dismissed them with splendid honoraria; and he resigned himself to the will of Heaven and acknowledged that the decrees of destiny may not be countervailed.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • It was countervailed by the argument that, as the living languages have degenerated from the dead classical languages, to use the former as a guide is to interpret the perfected and optimal form in the “light” of the corrupted and obscured form.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas


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