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  • n. The whole body of courtiers.


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  • We need to send moderates to congress from both sides of the fence so they can represent this great courtry instead of extremists that only want to further the special interests control over the country while filling their pockets with cash and perks such as exotic vacations around the world at the expense of lobbyists who own them.

    A top House Republican to endorse Rubio

  • The Democrats now have the power to reform the health care system of this courtry and should use that power to get it done ....

    Obama health care pitch hits the road

  • With that said, I do believe God inspires people to do his will on this earth, and I personally feel that Obama is chosen, probably initally unknown to him, by God to lead this Nation back to God, under the laws of God from which our constitution was formed, and once again restore the value of each human life in this courtry and throughout the world.

    Obama adds two superdelegates, one's a former Clinton backer

  • But it seems to me if our courtry is in debt, better that they be in debt to us than other foreign courties like china.

    Propeller Most Popular Stories


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