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  • n. A pony used in herding cattle.


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  • Look at that fellow in the bow -- the one just jumping out; he'd be more at home on a cow-pony.

    Chapter 14

  • A beauty, a regular beauty, the perfect type of the Californian cow-pony.

    Jack London's Story - Moon Face: Planchette pg 3 of 3

  • His horse, a thoroughly seasoned cow-pony, sniffed the bedlam and responded to the goading spur.

    Judith of the Plains

  • It should also be remarked that the cow-pony is guided, not by pulling either the right or left rein, but by the rider carrying his bridle hand over to the _left_ if he wants to go to the left, and vice versa.

    Ranching, Sport and Travel

  • This wasn't much like galloping over an open trail on a nervous little cow-pony.

    The Girl from Sunset Ranch Or, Alone in a Great City

  • In response to the pressure of his knees, the trained cow-pony whirled toward the jack-pines, and Dorothy followed, laughing at the idea that so ingenuous a man as Lem Trowbridge might possess the analytical gift of the trained detective.

    Hidden Gold

  • Half an hour later Alex, mounted on a spirited little cow-pony, with a few necessities in a sweater, strapped to the saddle, and a blanket over his shoulder, army fashion, waved a good-by to Jack and Wilson, and was off over the prairie at a lope, following the telegraph poles.

    The Young Railroaders Tales of Adventure and Ingenuity

  • Yells, shouts, the snapping of whips, the barking of heavy calibred revolvers, now and then the shrill neigh of a cow-pony.

    Cowboy Dave

  • It was a cream-colored mustang, not one of the lump-headed, bony-hipped species common to the ranges, but one of those rare reversions to the Spanish thoroughbreds from which the Western cow-pony is descended.

    Riders of the Silences

  • His second horse, staunch cow-pony that it was, stumbled on with sagging knees and hanging head, but Pierre rode upright, at ease, for his mind was untired.

    Riders of the Silences


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