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  • n. Any of various small whales, porpoises, or similar aquatic mammals, especially a whale of the genus Mesoplodon, having a pointed snout.
  • n. Any of various marine fishes of the family Ostraciidae, especially Lactophrys quadricornis of warm Atlantic waters, having hornlike spines over each eye.

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  • n. Any of various types of boxfish.
  • n. The grampus.
  • n. A California dolphin (Tursiops gillii).
  • n. A marine plectognath fish (Ostracoin quadricorne and allied species), having two projections, like horns, in front; the cuckold, coffer fish, or trunkfish.

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  • n. The grampus.
  • n. A California dolphin (Tursiops Gillii).
  • n. A marine plectognath fish (Ostracoin quadricorne, and allied species), having two projections, like horns, in front; -- called also cuckold, coffer fish, trunkfish.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A name of various fishes and other marine animals. A sea-cow or sirenian.
  • n. A dolphin or porpoise. The Tursiops gilli, a porpoise of the family Delphinidæ, of the western coast of the United States. The grampus, Globicephalus melas.
  • n. An ostraciontoid fish, Ostracion quadricorne, with strong antrorse supraocular spines, like horns, common in tropical Atlantic waters, and occasionally found along the southern coast of the United States. Also called cuckold.
  • n. A local name in Orkney of sundry oval bivalve shell-fish, as clams.
  • n. A name applied in New England to the grampus, Grampus griseus.
  • n. A name applied in Demerara to the manatee.

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  • n. trunkfish having hornlike spines over the eyes


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cow +‎ fish


  • The opening page for Reference has a featured article from Wikipedia - today it's about the Longhorn cowfish, October 20 in History (US history), People in the news (based on what?)

    Internet News: October 2009 Archives

  • I do not know what species they were — cowfish, the Jebeans called them — but they were a salmon hue, with many-rayed dorsal fins and small heads.

    Kushiel's Avatar

  • A cowfish, a triggerfish, the harlequin Picasso fish, a drifting sponge—all these lives were being lived out, every day, as they always had been.

    The Shell Collector : Stories

  • Their only vegetable food is what they obtain from the palm-trees, and they subsist generally on turtle, tortoises, and the flesh of the manatee or cowfish, and other fish, which they spear or take with nets.

    The Three Lieutenants

  • Camo suggested that we should try and catch a cowfish, the flesh of which, when cut up into strips and dried in the sun, could be preserved for a considerable time, and would prove more serviceable than any other food we were likely to obtain.

    The Wanderers Adventures in the Wilds of Trinidad and Orinoco

  • A dead cowfish floats in a jar, posing for Fuller as she sculpts a model into clay.

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  • Fintastic features eight kinds of fish, from the diminutive, so-ugly-it's-cute cowfish to a

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  • We ended up doing 8 dives each with Underwater Vision and 2 each with parrot's, so they all run together but we saw things like spotted eagle rays, honeycomb cowfish (my fav), spotted drum, trunk fish, southern sting rays, turtles and lots of moray eels. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • But then we have moments like this when four year old Hezekiah came up to me excitedly saying, "Mama, Mama, look two cowfish!"

    HS Blog - Homeschool Blog

  • Would setting the license on this image to be "All rights reserved" count as irony? by cowfish



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