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  • n. An annual grass, Panicum sanguinale, common in cultivated and waste grounds.
  • n. The Salicornia herbacea, a low, succulent, chenopodiaceous plant, growing upon the seashore and supposed to be eaten by crabs.
  • n. Any species of Syntherisma. S. linearis, distinguished as smooth crab-grass, is abundant in the southern United States, but is little valued.


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  • Or at least transformed from the green paradise of spring into the brown, parched, vine-entangled, crab-grass festooned patch of ghastliness before my eyes.

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  • The prolific Michael Connelly, who plows the crab-grass area of L. A.'s criminal justice system, is back for the summer with a follow up to his 2002 hit, The Poet.

    Tom Alderman: Baldacci, Coben and Connelly: The Boys of Summer's Audiobooks - Reviewed

  • My favorite tenants in my tiny 4x4 foot garden thank you Square Foot Gardening and my patient husband... have to be the miniscule carrot plants, with their thin crab-grass first leaves, crowded into friendly cliques because I was a little overzealous with the post-seeding watering.

    Day in a Sentence

  • We own a house in Wallingford, Pennsylvania a Philadelphia suburb between Swarthmore and Media and cope with crab-grass, contractors and cocktail parties like other bourgeois suburbanites.

    Antiquarian Weird Tales: L Sprague de Camp (1950)

  • English is a kind of strong fluke ... like crab-grass. out to pasture - to the barn raising

    amishboy Diary Entry

  • So too are the pool halls, their beer-varnished countertops and oaken floors and rag-topped pool tables absent, replaced now by a prosaic sprawl of yellow weeds and crab-grass at the corner of Church Avenue and Gay Street.

    Johnny Knoxville : Edward Champion’s Reluctant Habits

  • I am trying to cut and cure some pea-vine and crab-grass hay, but it is very uphill work.

    A Woman Rice Planter

  • The crab-grass hay is also dry and ready to be stacked again.

    A Woman Rice Planter

  • We have let economy take root and spread among us as rank as the crab-grass which sprung from Sherman's cavalry camps, until we are ready to lay odds on the Georgia Yankee as he manufactures relics of the battlefield in a one-story shanty and squeezes pure olive-oil out of his cotton-seed, against any down-easter that ever swapped wooden nutmegs for flannel sausage in the valleys of Vermont.

    Southern Prose and Poetry for Schools

  • Crops and stomachs have been found crowded with rag-weed seeds, to the number of one thousand, while others had eaten as many seeds of crab-grass.

    Our Vanishing Wild Life Its Extermination and Preservation


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