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  • I don't think Laura Mixon would object if I said that one evening at the last Viable Paradise workshop, Laura and Macallister Stone and I and several other very smart participants got into a long strange conversation in which we tried to explain the concept of "crackfic" to Laura.

    Making Light: The "agency model" as I understand it

  • And Naomi has written a crackfic featuring Temeraire, Iskierka, Polgara, Hermione … and Ryan Seacrest … (I mentioned it was crack, right?)

    ceciliatan: Bandwidth boost: Help Temeraire!

  • If you're looking for crackfic, the Yuletide fanfic exchange produces some great ones each year.

    Making Light: The "agency model" as I understand it

  • The tvtropes page seems to think that the _good_ stuff is the BEST crackfic...

    Making Light: The "agency model" as I understand it

  • A question for the crackfic bits further up the thread: does the stuff that Jenna has pretty consistently but intermittently been doing over at Hitherby Dragons count?

    Making Light: The "agency model" as I understand it

  • TNH, have you considered that crackfic might be a form of camp?

    Making Light: The "agency model" as I understand it

  • A writer, for instance, might be totally comfortable with producing a Kirk/Spock BDSM latex fic of epic proportions, but she might not be willing to admit to having penned the fluffy Enterprise-crew-as-Care-Bears G-rated crackfic that hit all the spots she and the recipient were looking for.

    the origin of the kink meme

  • I mean, there is very little crackfic that I've seen in due South, and that's a fandom were honestly I wouldn't be that surprised if, in canon, people started turning into penguins or having aliens make them do it.

    March 1st, 2007

  • Why is it that Stargate Atlantis, which is a fairly conventional science-fiction show, has produced so much crackfic as a fandom, while due South, which in the show's canon is the crackiest crack that ever got a girl admitted to rehab, with canonical ghosts and parachuting dogs and satellite uplinks interpreted through audible interpretation of the modem whistle via a wire+chewing gum, has produced such a huge percentage of its fan fiction in the form of two characters picking out curtains for the baby's room on their Canadian shack?

    March 1st, 2007

  • (ObDisclaimer: I love both crackfic and curtainfic.

    March 1st, 2007


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