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  • n. a medical condition in which some or all of the sutures in the skull of an infant close too early, causing problems with normal brain and skull growth.


cranio- +‎ synostosis (Wiktionary)


  • Little Jorge, who suffers from a rare skull condition called craniosynostosis, ran onto the field ahead of his father during the pregame introductions, dressed in Posada's No. 20 uniform.

    Hip! Hip!: Ten Moments That Defined Posada's Career

  • Sagittal craniosynostosis occurs when there is fusion of the sagittal suture, which runs from a spot at the front of the head to the back of the skull, resulting in a long, narrow skull with or without bulging of both the back and front of the head.

    The Beauty of Love

  • He's medical director of Seattle Children's Craniofacial Center and treats patients with a disease called craniosynostosis.

    The Seattle Times

  • Family Health - Chiropractic reporting on an infant with a skull defect known as craniosynostosis reveals that chiropractic may play an important role in helping infants with such problems. Press Releases

  • Jackson-Weiss is a syndrome marked by the early fusion of cranial sutures (known as craniosynostosis) and growth abnormalities of the feet.

    Everything2 New Writeups

  • If we are not afraid to talk about conditions such as Down’s syndrome to a pregnant woman, we should not shy away from addressing the issue of craniosynostosis, which is just as real, if a bit less common.

    The Beauty of Love

  • Genetic basis of craniofacial anomalies such as cleft palate, holoprosencephaly and craniosynostosis.

    Research in genetics at CHOP

  • Posada runs a charity foundation devoted to helping children diagnosed with craniosynostosis.

    Hip! Hip!: Ten Moments That Defined Posada's Career

  • We offer a broad test menu, with analysis of over 40 different genes for more than 30 genetic disorders, including craniosynostosis syndromes, neurogenetic/developmental disorders, globin genes and clotting disorders, and cancer predisposition syndromes.

    Molecular Genetics

  • The President, a noted White Sox fan, praised Mark Teixeira's scholarship fund at his hometown high school; Jorge Posada's charity work around the rare birth defect craniosynostosis; and Derek Jeter's class and respect for the game.

    Obama Teases Cubs During Yankees White House Visit (VIDEO)


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