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  • n. One who plays craps.

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  • n. A person who plays craps

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. a gambler who plays the game of craps


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  • His honor reasoned that the main motivation for any crapshooter with an abysmal record like John's wasn't profit but pleasure.

    Julian Block: Travel Deductions for Gamblers

  • With the above code, we can list the longest of the well-mixed transposals. antiparticles paternalistic conservatoire overreactions aristotelian retaliations obscurantist subtractions definability identifiably arthroscopes crapshooters colonialists oscillations enumerations mountaineers importunates permutations counterspies persecutions capillarity piratically animadverts maidservant calendering greenlandic grandnieces reascending coordinates decorations peripatetic precipitate crenelation intolerance arthroscope crapshooter peristaltic triplicates excitations intoxicates

    Wolfram Blog : Word Play with Mathematica

  • They gamble the futures of their pawns as a back street crapshooter does on dollars and dimes.

    The Criminal Microcosm vs. the Criminal Macrocosm

  • Last month Prudential rolled out a $20 million ad campaign that features real-life brokers saying comforting things like "I'm a broker, not a crapshooter," and "Life has taught me to listen more and talk less."

    What Makes Them Tick

  • I was the leading crapshooter on the campus, and I had a reputation which I do not think was justified as a man who could just call the numbers and [Laughter] sing to them.

    Oral History Interview with Jonathan Worth Daniels, March 9-11, 1977. Interview A-0313. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)

  • He cupped his right hand and shook it up and down, pantomiming a crapshooter.

    The Laughing Fox

  • No one even suspected a cheap little crapshooter of killing Orpington.

    The Laughing Fox

  • She was like a crapshooter when he keeps calling to the dice: "Come, seven -- come on, come on!"

    Somewhere in Red Gap

  • Likewise, avoid referring to the edible North American freshwater fish called "Crappies"; do not refer to someone who has eaten himself sick as suffering from "crapulence," and do not use the term "crapshooter" since it might be interpreted as a slam at the editor of the Valiant line.

  • They’re having a pretty good time, the one on his haunches against the wall, the other in his crapshooter’s squat, with the lump in the flannel bag gone totally still, either pouty-stiff or sleeprstiff.



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