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  • n. Software that is useless or of poor quality.


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crap +‎ -ware


  • That sounds about right, because we all know that CIA agents shop in Chinese crapware sites.


  • These apps touting mobile TV, football games, location-based search and games are the new face of bloatware, also known as crapware or craplets in the PC world.


  • So there's more and more of what's generally called crapware on these systems.

    Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

  • But while some PC manufacturers have realized that customers hate getting a computer full of "crapware," the carriers refuse to learn from their example - and on an Android phone, the effects are much worse.

    Verizon's Fascinate reaches new lows among smartphones run amok

  • July 27, 2009 at 5:11 AM i voted for digsby .. i've had it installed for so long that the whole 'crapware' installer thing never came up for me ..

    Five Best Instant Messengers | Lifehacker Australia

  • Sony is one of the very worst offenders for "crapware".

    I highly recommend Walt Mossberg's column today

  • Plus when you're just selling software, the OEMs get to redistribute it with "crapware", and as Mossberg has finally realized, that's a turn off to customers.

    Apple v. Microsoft

  • Two of these are mentioned in the above summary (increased "crapware," and decreased security); read his article for the other two, along with additional interesting thoughts, including his assessment of the three technology companies that exercise "effective monopolies" in specific market areas.

    Digital Home

  • A short list of "crapware" that was likely on your friend's laptop assuming he installed a bunch of games ..


  • That's why such software is labelled, a tad crudely, 'crapware'.

    The most recent News from Computeractive


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