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  • n. The distinctive pattern of hairline cracks in the surface of an old painting


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  • I have no idea why the pattern designer thought only the letters a-e-g-i-s-v were needed is it supposed to spell 'visage' and if so, why? and I don't know why there's some kind of craquelure behind those letters, but I don't care.

    Gorgeous Ugly Fabric - A Dress A Day

  • These spectacular images of its works, which are only available on Google Earth, will allow scholars and art lovers to appreciate from close up the most minute details and motifs represented, the lines and brushstrokes of each artist, the under-drawing, craquelure of the varnish and many other aspects difficult to see at first hand.

    Museo del Prado and Google Present Fourteen Masterpieces

  • The plates had aged with a fine craquelure inside the porcelain, and on the wall just above their heads was a pigeon box for the napkins of regular guests long since departed.

    Babylon Nights

  • In Google Earth, you can get close enough to examine a painter's brushstrokes or the craquelure on the varnish of a painting.

    January 2009

  • BTW, on a different note, the craquelure you so often see in Parrish's work is created by the intervening layers of oil and varnish pulling apart.

    Daybreak Blues

  • "What our results show, and this corroborates the other studies, is that the paint layer itself, despite all its craquelure, is very well bonded to the poplar substrate," Taylor said.


  • The NRC scanning technique provided detailed analysis of the painting's craquelure, the network of surface cracks.


  • Close examination of the craquelure — the fine pattern of cracks formed on old paintings — showed the paint layers were still firmly attached to the poplar wood panel on which Leonardo created his masterpiece.

    DaVinci’s Mona Lisa was a New Mother, Says Experts | Impact Lab

  • The whole state has kind of a cowboy-Saudi glitter to it when the oil is expensive, and kind of a sepia-Joad craquelure to it when the oil is cheap.

    Kenneth Hite's Journal

  • There is also a great deal of craquelure, this web effect where the old pigments have dried and degraded over time.

    The Black Angel


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