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  • n. The inclosing rock wall of a crater; as sometimes used, the steep in-face of this bounding wall.


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  • He could have gone around, of course, but this was the shortest way to get to the other side of the swamp, where the marsh drained off down the side of the crater-wall into the Dhorisha Plains.

    Winds Of Fate

  • Mountainside and rocky plain, crater-wall and valley floor, alike and innumerably were pockmarked with sub-craters and with immensely yawning shell-holes, as though the whole planet had been throughout geologic ages the target of an incessant cosmic bombardment.

    Galactic Patrol

  • Each of them is elliptical in form, and surrounded by a crater-wall.

    Wonders of Creation

  • Jones pointed there in the shadow of the crater-wall, and Babs moved to the switch he indicated.

    Operation: Outer Space

  • To say that a crater - wall is two thousand feet high is to say just precisely that it is two thousand feet high; but there is a vast deal more to that crater-wall than a mere statistic.

    Chapter 8

  • Here was pasturage for the horses, but no water, and first we turned aside and picked our way across a mile of lava to a known water-hole in a crevice in the crater-wall.

    Chapter 8

  • On the south side, and partly also on the east, the crater-wall has been broken down and removed; the portion remaining is about 1-1/2 mile in diameter from east to west, and reaches a height of 2,600 feet above the sea-level.

    A Study of Recent Earthquakes

  • Apparently the water came down from the "bubble" through a rift in the crater-wall.

    The Boys of Crawford's Basin The Story of a Mountain Ranch in the Early Days of Colorado

  • This seemed to be all he wanted, for, having examined the result of his work and satisfied himself apparently that the sacks were perfectly concealed, he turned and went straight off up the crater-wall again, pausing at the crest for a minute to inspect the country ahead of him, and then, stepping over the rim, in another moment he had vanished.

    The Boys of Crawford's Basin The Story of a Mountain Ranch in the Early Days of Colorado

  • Well, what we must do is to take the line marked out for us by the overflow, and following it from the channel down to the crack in the crater-wall, break up and throw aside all the rocks that get in the way; then cut a new channel and send the whole stream off through the crack, when it will pour into the caƱon, run across the ranch on the surface, and the

    The Boys of Crawford's Basin The Story of a Mountain Ranch in the Early Days of Colorado


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