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  • adj. of or relating to a creature
  • adj. being a creature, created

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  • adj. Belonging to a creature; having the qualities of a creature.

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  • Pertaining or relating to creatures or created things.
  • Creative.


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creature +‎ -al


  • And so, though there are differences, deep and impassable, between anything that can be called creatural righteousness, and that which bears the same name in the heavens, the fact that it does bear the same name is a guarantee to us that there is an essential resemblance between the righteousness of God in its lustrous perfectness, and the righteousness of His child in its imperfect effort.

    Expositions of Holy Scripture Psalms

  • Things did not move in a natural way -- those fringe creatural behaviors could be called "undead" rather than alive.

    Carla Leitao: Dustism, Creatures and Speculative Materialism in Architecture: An Interview With Alisa Andrasek/Biothing

  • In the second place, the exemplar is the ideal form present in the divine mind that acts as the formal cause of creatural essences, and from this perspective the veritas of the res is its ontological conformity (Anselm's rectitudo) to its eternal model.

    Hitler's Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol)

  • Here, however, the classic question of the relation between divine simplicity and creatural multiplicity again arises.

    Hitler's Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol)

  • In the second place, since there is a perfect correspondence between creatural essences and divine ideas, the latter are numerically finite, like the former (Porro 1993).

    Hitler's Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol)

  • There is no real identity, or community, between creatural being and divine being, but only a form of community originating in the indeterminacy of the most general concept of being.

    Hitler's Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol)

  • According to Henry an idea is in God for the fact that divine essence is in some ways imitable by creatural essences.

    Hitler's Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol)

  • The effective indifference of essences must therefore be taken in a narrower sense (than in Avicenna too): every creatural essence tends naturally toward non-being

    Hitler's Angel (A Meta Christmas Carol)

  • For Hallward, the singular logic of Deleuze's thought is analogous to the tradition of theophantic thinkers, whereby the divine spark of creation is entombed in creatures; the task of the creature is to redeem that divine spark from its creatural prison.

    Gilles Deleuze

  • But who will not rather approve the arrangement by which man in his creatural life may have unbroken access to an Infinite Power?

    Beautiful Thoughts


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