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  • adj. Saggy and crinkly, like crepe paper.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

crepe +‎ -y


  • Those crepey pink lids are growing fat and heavy over winter-water eyes.

    Shoot first

  • There were skirts - but they were all polyester crepey things in startling colors, with art-deco prints.

    1990's Sewing Patterns

  • With phenomenal cruelty, the tabloids both build up the young and lovely, and ritually humiliate them at the first sign of crepey thighs or sagging breasts.

    Great Regulars: Gerontophobia is a pandemic in the media.

  • He had dreamed of stroking that soft, crepey flesh under the arm.

    The seduction

  • Rojas nodded, but his crepey lids fluttered as he glanced away.

    Black Magic

  • His lessons met at the same time as the Silver Slippers Water Aerobics class and the sight of all those veiny legs and sagging stomachs, those arms draped with crepey sheets of flesh, made him feel light-headed and loose in his joints.

    Boys and Girls Like You and Me

  • Georgia placed her hands on the counter and stared at them; the ruddy skin, slightly crepey from constant washings, the short, unpolished nails.

    Georgia’s Kitchen

  • I turned to find the eighty-three-year-old coming toward me with a very big gun clutched in one crepey, arthritic hand.

    Fat Chance

  • Q: My hands look twenty years older than my face, with sunspots, crepey skin and ugly, visible veins.

    Simple Skin Beauty

  • I noticed the crepey skin above my knees, the creases gathering on my hands, the age spots that I renamed as new freckles on my arms, the weathering of my chest from years of sunbathing.

    The Christmas Cookie Club


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