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  • Your Hardcore if you've seen all the epsiodes Daniel, and you hate it,,, I rest my case. daniel cresswell well i don't my self a geek but i hav watched all the star trek series from the orignal series to enterprise but with this latest star trek film i dunno what they av done the outside of enterprise is alright but the bridge i know people sayin they av mae a new version but this is meant to be bout the beginning of the enterprise ncc 1701 their technolgy with the bridge wos not advanced but they av made it look like they am advaned i ait judging just yet but it doesnt look like its going 2 fit in wid the star trek saga sori n wats wid the captin uniform wrong colour its meant 2 be yellow nt black n kirk neva took command straight away it was christpor pike who commanded 1st n checkov didnt come into star trek until l8tr on sori its not a star trek mvie its just some1s attempt 2 make a movie who cud get his money jonnylongone make it so! phantomdonut

    Six New Star Trek Photos Revealed | /Film

  • [May. 8th, 2010 | 11: 04 am] [Tags | amanda stevens, janice bennett, jasmine cresswell, monique ellis, patricia simpson, sara blayne] [mood

    Da Winnah and a ** Newer** Drawing!


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