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  • adj. Without a crew; unmanned.


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crew +‎ -less


  • Reindeer, crewless, lay across the estuary at the sandspit.

    Chapter 11

  • A crewless shuttle orbiter would probably carry about one third as much cargo as shuttle-C but the development costs would surely be much lower.

    Downplaying Internal Doubts About Ares - NASA Watch

  • The idea involved a cargo module, a wingless, crewless version of the shuttle, powered by the shuttle's liquid-fueled engines and clamped to the giant fuel tank and solid rocket boosters used by the shuttle.

    The 1990 Augustine Commission Revisited - NASA Watch

  • She was redeemed by a crabber and his crew not but a year later and after a proper refit set sail for Bermuda from Miami, once again washing up crewless shy of her destination.

    The Good Ship - Forgotten

  • Forgotten had other ideas and soon washed up crewless on a lonely atoll just south of Tortuga.

    The Good Ship - Forgotten

  • And so the tactical, crewless, target seeking, "precision" missile/bomb weapons system was born.

    Progress in the Despicability of Weapons Systems

  • He thought of it sailing endlessly, crewless, a messenger of doom to any who saw it.

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • I quickly proceeded past the novelty of being able to read The New York Times while most of Manhattan slept, and discovered a way of looking through the "windows" of crewless spacecraft — vessels that have seen Earth dwindle to the size of a pearl, and then a pixel, as they voyaged far beyond any place ever directly observed by human beings.

    A Space in Time

  • Since Becker was once more crewless, he chose to land the Condor on Vhiliinyar near the remaining shuttle, the one that had not instantly disappeared, he flew his own current shuttle, a sweet little Linyaari egg he had salvaged from the wreckage of one of the larger ships destroyed by the Khleevi attacks, to the surveillance ship.

    Acorna's Search

  • Faithful to my lower nature, I vowed the Germans were right, and, not without a secret zest, drew a lurid picture of the horrors of crewless cruising, and the drudgery that my remorseless skipper inflicted on me.

    The Riddle of the Sands


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