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  • n. an emergency surgical procedure, a form of tracheotomy, in which a hole is cut through the patient's neck into the windpipe in order to allow air into the lungs


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  • However, when it comes to procedures such as cricothyroidotomy (known as emergency tracheotomy), simulators and mannequins don't replicate the condition well enough to make them suitable for training doctors to perform this and other lifesaving procedures. "

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  • There are several ways to accomplish this goal but the main techniques are tracheal intubation (either oral or nasal), bag and mask, or a surgical procedure known as a cricothyroidotomy.

    Emergency Room Errors

  • In patients with extensive facial trauma it is possible that placing an endotracheal tube would be difficult and consideration would be given for an emergent or urgent cricothyroidotomy.

    Inside Surgery

  • In a situation like Nash's with such devastating injuries, if the airway had not been placed in the field, it would be done immediately either by intubation or cricothyroidotomy.

    Inside Surgery

  • Hughes presented intubation technique, cricothyroidotomy techniques and IM injections, demonstrating and then helping students practice on both mannequins and cadavers. Top EMS News

  • Evaluation of Seldinger technique emergency cricothyroidotomy versus standard cricothyroidotomy in 200 cadavers.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • Doubling of the failure rates should be an obvious reason to prefer a procedure, especially when a failure for cricothyroidotomy means a probable death for the patient.

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  • Schaumann et al. showed that the time to the first ventilation was significantly shorter (mean difference, 28 seconds) with the wire-guided Seldinger cricothyroidotomy than with the surgical technique. 2 The study by Schaumann et al. also showed an increase in the risk of hemorrhage associated with the surgical method;

    New England Journal of Medicine

  • - Volume 103 (3), September 2005, pp 667-668 Richard J. Price, F.R.C.A. Schaumann et al. are to be congratulated on their large and detailed study on cricothyroidotomy techniques. [

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]


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