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  • n. The state of being a cripple; crippleness.
  • n. Cripples collectively.


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  • To one producer he wrote, "I want to highlight the creativity within the brain of a cripple, and while not attempting to hide the crippledom I want instead to filter all sob-storied sentiment from his portrait and dwell upon his life, his laughter, his vision, and his nervous normality."

    christopher nolan, under the eye of the clock

  • If they want to stay in the game they make $30-$50k a year in the euro leagues, the arena leagues, the CFL, or the Asian leagues; beating themselves into early crippledom before they hit 30, for a lot less than an auto mechanic makes.

    More Money (Another Followup) « Whatever

  • Kedzie was too excited to note the ghoulish joy with which he planned to put her into the most perilous plights that had ever threatened even a movie star with death or crippledom.

    We Can't Have Everything

  • A few weeks earlier she would have been heartbroken at the prospect of a spell of crippledom, but the greater troubles eclipse the less, and compared with that other paralysing dread, it was a passing inconvenience at which she could afford to smile.

    More about Pixie

  • 'I'll tie myself in a knot, and shalt wheel me through; and what with my crippledom and thy piety, a-wheeling of thy poor old dad, we'll bleed the bumpkins of a dacha-saltee.'

    The Cloister and the Hearth

  • Several narratives intertwine as Lovric charts Marcella's tortuous, Minguillo-instigated progress through crippledom, a lunatic asylum and eventually a convent, including that of the fanatical nun Sor Loreta, who mortifies her body and starves herself to attain holiness while being as vile as possible to the less saintly nuns around her.


  • Will the disabled still have access to / benefit from these new inspirations or will we be further isolated not, this time, by the way society responds to impairment, but by the designers themselves, the designers who want their ideas and products to succeed in a world that is repulsed by crippledom?

    Wheelchair Dancer

  • The remainder of my life at Oxford was of necessity lived at half-speed; and in this place I must commemorate, with a gratitude which the lapse of years has never chilled, the extraordinary kindness and tenderness with which my undergraduate friends tended and nursed me in that time of crippledom. [

    Fifteen Chapters of Autobiography


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