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  • n. the technique of removing eggs from the nest of one species of bird, to be incubated in the nest of another. Usually done to aid the recovery of endangered species.
  • v. Present participle of cross-foster.


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  • In order to avoid this situation from happening, zoologists decided to make one mother responsible for both cubs, in an act known as "cross-fostering."

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  • When the young Washoe first saw other chimps she was raised entirely by humans as part of the cross-fostering technique, she called them "black bugs."

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  • Researchers try to answer the question by cross-fostering the animal, that is, switching the animal's mother at birth so that she is raised by one with behavior B, and then watching to see which behavior the animal displays when she grows up.

    Robert Sapolsky is one of my favorite writers

  • The first two studies to show that primates were somewhat independent from their 'natures' involved a classic technique in behavioral genetics called cross-fostering.

    Robert Sapolsky is one of my favorite writers

  • Sigvardsson, and C. R. Cloninger, Maternal inheritance of alcohol abuse: cross-fostering analysis of adopted women, Archives of General Psychiatry 38 1981: 965-69.

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  • The process is called cross-fostering, and it's the sixth time it's been done in North America, according to cheetah biologist Adrienne Crosier.

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  • But to her knowledge, Parisian said, Glaxo never submitted a protocol and never conducted a cross-fostering study.

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  • When the company applied for approval of Paxil to treat Panic Disorder, Sparenborg suggested that the company "do a cross-fostering study to see if the adverse effect is occurring before the baby is born or after the baby is born," she said.

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  • A series of chick cross-fostering experiments confirm that coots use first-hatched chicks in a brood as referents to learn to recognize their own chicks and then discriminate against later-hatched parasitic chicks in the same brood.

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  • In a cross-fostering study, using our maternal overnutrition model mice

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