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  • intransitive v. To multiply the numerator of one of a pair of fractions by the denominator of the other.

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  • v. To set the product of the extremes of a proportion equal to the product of its means.


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  • Step 4 Moving leftward, we now cross-multiply the first two columns, (3 × 5) + (7 × 8) = 71, plus the 9 carried above.


  • The best thing that ever came out of reviewing for the GRE is learning how to cross-multiply.


  • The Yankees are six games out with six games to play, making their magic number, hmm, let's see, carry the one, cross-multiply, divide by x, aaaanndd … I feel like a crazy person for even bothering to note this but I can't help it.


  • The "cross-multiply" method say to multiply the top and bottom numbers crosswise.

    Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium - Recent changes [en]

  • All that these problems are asking you to do is cross-multiply all of the terms, and then combine them to simplify. x2 + 4 + 4x (x+2) squared = (x+2) times (x+2) (xtimesx) + (xtimes2) + (2timesx) + (2times2) xsquared+2x+2x+4 xsquared+4x+4

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