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  • noun In architecture: One of the lateral projections, when present, of the lintel or sill of a rectangular door- or window-opening, beyond the jambs. Also called ear, elbow, ancon, truss, and console.
  • noun A projection along the upper side of a lateral face of a block of stone, fitting into a corresponding recess in the stone coming next to it.
  • noun Same as crosslet.


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  • The third of May being Holyroode day, our Captaine for the solemnitie of the day, caused a goodly fayre crosse of 35 foote in height to bee set vp, vnder the crosset of which hee caused a shield to be hanged, wherein were the Armes of France, and ouer them was written in antique letters,

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation. Vol. XIII. America. Part II.

  • LB: Specific to each project - No - but, myself and the people I work with like to do different kinds of training, like for example, I like crosset - which is sort of like a combination of power-lifting and cardio-vascular exercises and gymnastics-type exercises, plus various styles of martial arts training and rehearsal choreography stuff.

    Slice of SciFi


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