from The Century Dictionary.

  • noun An albuminous poison found in venom derived from snakes of the genus Crotalus.


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  • "You see" -- Nagoya spoke as he finished the test he was making at the moment -- "without a doubt it is crotalin, the venom of the rattlesnake, Crotalus horridus."

    The Film Mystery

  • If my first hypothesis had been correct, if the use of snake venom and the unlucky thirteenth scene had been largely a matter of blind chance in the selection of poison and method, then we might have expected Werner to be struck down in some dark street, or perhaps decoyed to his death -- at the best, inoculated with the same crotalin which had killed Miss Lamar.

    The Film Mystery

  • It is as simple to learn how to use crotalin or botulin toxin or any number of hundreds of deadly substances as it is to obtain the majority of them.

    The Film Mystery

  • After all, no one knew of the use of crotalin to kill

    The Film Mystery

  • It was a combination of crotalin venom and ptomaine poisons, a very deadly mess.

    Hunting with the Bow and Arrow

  • Rapports with money to play on her mysticism by their so-called death thought, while he watched his opportunity to inject the fatal crotalin. "

    The War Terror

  • "It is crotalin," he announced, "the venom of the rattlesnake -- crotalus horridus.

    The War Terror


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