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  • noun Plural form of croucher.


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  • We made sure we had been seen or heard, and I think Colonel Ferrers was on the point of stepping forward like a soldier, and apologizing; but I held his arm for a moment, in pure cowardice, and the next moment we saw Mr. and Mrs. Merryweather, arm in arm, gazing calmly at the hedge, and evidently unconscious of any guilty crouchers on the other side.

    Hildegarde's Neighbors

  • About eleven the infantry began to go forward with an advance which would have astonished the martinets of Aldershot, an irregular fringe of crawlers, wrigglers, writhers, crouchers, all cool and deliberate, giving away no points in this grim game of death.

    The Great Boer War

  • I have little admiration for that class; scribblers and pamphleteers, brooders over books, crouchers in the chimney-corner, who have never trailed a pike or slept under the open sky.

    London Pride Or When the World Was Younger

  • Margaret crouches down—they are great crouchers, having learned that children like to be addressed at eye level—and, seeing my gods’ eye half-finished and my yarn tangled and trailing, asks if I have any questions about the process.

    The Worst Years of Your Life

  • - when close to the opponent, guy can cr. lp, cr. lp, cr. mp into lp/mp bushin flip, which can throw standing opponents (also throws ppl that like to focus attack the flip, idk why they'd do it but it's something i've encountered), elbow drop on crouchers, and maintain offensive pressure.


  • "minters -- dancers -- crouchers -- pamperers of their paunches, like a monk that maketh his jubilee -- mounchers in their mangers, and moilers in their gay manors and mansions:" see fol. 17, rect.

    Bibliomania; or Book-Madness A Bibliographical Romance


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