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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.

  • noun A trailing or climbing spiny shrub (Euphorbia milii) native to Madagascar and cultivated as a houseplant, having showy flower clusters with usually red, petallike bracts.
  • noun The Christ's thorn.
  • noun A spiny starfish (Acanthaster planci) of the Pacific and Indian Oceans that feeds on coral polyps.


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  • Dressed in flowing white, wearing a crown-of-thorns headdress and posing with arms outstretched, crucifixion-style, Lilo was snapped by style photographer Terry Richardson for the new issue of Purple Magazine.

    Lindsay Lohan Nude Threesome Photoshoot Purple Magazine

  • The need for such research has become more critical in recent years with the Reef's inclusion on the World Heritage List, concern resulting from crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks and intensifying human demands placed on the resource.

    Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, Australia

  • Without the fish populations to keep the levels of crown-of-thorns in balance, the sea stars explode in numbers.

    Crown-of-thorn sea star

  • Unlike any other starfish, crown-of-thorns prey directly on live coral.

    Crown-of-thorn sea star

  • Divers have also attempted to kill the crown-of-thorns by injecting them with poison.

    Crown-of-thorn sea star

  • The massive loss of corals by crown-of-thorns is taking a big toll on the tourist economy.

    Crown-of-thorn sea star

  • This means that regulating the fishing practices around the world would be useful in preventing the crown-of-thorns from destroying reefs.

    Crown-of-thorn sea star

  • Some people have taken the matter into their own hands and taken groups of divers out to the reefs in order to kill the crown-of-thorns themselves.

    Crown-of-thorn sea star

  • Sodium bisulphate is currently the best choice to poison crown-of-thorns with, since it eventually breaks down in seawater.

    Crown-of-thorn sea star

  • Another cause of outbreaks is the overfishing of some of the crown-of-thorns main predators.

    Crown-of-thorn sea star


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