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  • noun Plural form of crudeness.


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  • In practice, merit and demerit exist side by side; works crude in conception reveal a hundred finenesses, and works fine in conception reveal crudenesses of execution.

    Personality in Literature

  • Cox, and while accepting the whole responsibility for all inaccuracies and crudenesses, she desires to thank all who have helped in the preparation, and foremost among them Mr.W. W. Padfield, of Ipswich, for advice and encouragement throughout the work, and to Mr.E. A. Millidge, for his unfailing kindness and invaluable counsel and help in its preparation and revision.

    The Esperanto Teacher A Simple Course for Non-Grammarians

  • Etruscan jar may be reproduced in form, but it would be silly to attempt the reproduction of the crudenesses that gave the old jar its real beauty.

    The House in Good Taste

  • Secondly, the impressions are only known to us in photographs so reduced, as compared with the original, that the crudenesses, aided by the softening effects of time, entirely disappear.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 13: Revelation-Stock

  • Other poets, Shakespeare, for instance, and Keats, have written work of the highest quality when they were young, but they have had crudenesses to shed -- things to get rid of as their strength and perceptions grew.

    English Literature: Modern Home University Library of Modern Knowledge

  • He had been annoyed by Phil's manifestations of pleasure; she had laughed aloud once at a story, before the rest of the audience caught the point, and he felt that considerable patient labor would be required to smooth out Phil's provincial crudenesses.

    Otherwise Phyllis

  • Though there were roughnesses and crudenesses in his manner and choice of words, all he did and said made Annesley sure that she had been right in her first impression.

    The Second Latchkey

  • Yet there are basic crudenesses here that make me question whether her ideas are up to her newly dazzling style: no sooner does she run the dog over than her husband brings home a dead deer-only the first of many over-the-top coincidences and echoes that seem designed to pummel Verónica at every turn.

    The House Next Door


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