crunchy-granola love



from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Slang Displaying liberal social attitudes and lifestyles associated with the 1960s: "There's a distinct crunchy-granola flavor to much of the area, with macrobiotic restaurants, earring vendors on the street. . .” ( Boston Magazine).


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  • Instead of the traditional crunchy-granola approach, Mackey set up Whole Foods aisles with gleaming stacks of fruits and vegetables, perfectly arranged exotic sushi stations, and glossy, overflowing cheese and chocolate counters.

    Whole Foods' Organic Capitalism

  • A couple of good points were made: that you don't have to do urban "homesteading" with any sort of crunchy-granola political agenda.

    Boing Boing

  • He was raised by Unitarians and lived in one of the most crunchy-granola, liberal neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

    Substitute Me

  • In the U.S. we've looked to places like Portland, Seattle and even Austin, Texas for the crunchy-granola thinking on sustainability.

    Graham Hill: Re-Making the Big (Green) Apple

  • (Anyone who still thinks clean energy is just a crunchy-granola "alternative" novelty should see the 600 wall-to-wall dark suits filling the Waldorf-Astoria's grand ballroom at this event).

    Clint Wilder: Clean Energy Cost Comparisons Looking Better and Better

  • But Dowd has been a relentless "gender nut," as Somerby puts it, painting Democratic men as effeminate Al Gore "practically lactating" and singing "I Feel Pretty" to himself and Democratic women as ballbreakers, shrews, mannish, or in the case of Dr. Judith Steinberg Dean, crunchy-granola and somehow not a woman because she did not participate in beauty rituals.

    Wow. Clark Hoyt really *does* get results

  • Houston isn't exactly a tourist Mecca, and its vast petrochemical industry would make it particularly unappetizing to crunchy-granola Vermonters.

    "The most evil and dangerous woman in West Germany," given five life sentences...

  • No more crunchy-granola health food store "deodorant" that would quit at the first sign of stress!

    Real Men Don't Stink

  • That's a polite way of saying that a button-down company won't appreciate your showing up for work in cutoffs and flip-flops, while a crunchy-granola outfit will think you're nuts if you sit at your desk in a three-piece suit.

    Dress For Success

  • The more I read and thought, the less inclined I became to resume the practice, even after I graduated from college and moved into the world outside of crunchy-granola land.

    Archive 2005-01-01


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