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  • n. The confinement of a woman; labor.


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  • How might parents respond if they heard voices of their children crying-out in the wilderness?

    Huichol Voices

  • Without his fury, without the crying-out of his honor for revenge, what was the purpose in his life?

    The Dragons of Krynn

  • We should, indeed, possibly be delivered from the noise and clamour of a few crying-out sectaries, fanatics, schismatics, church-dividers; but withal should continue under the censures of the great, and at present thriving church of Rome, for the same supposed crimes.

    A Discourse concerning Evangelical Love, Church Peace, and Unity

  • They stand before the throne in white robes, with palms in their hands, and crowns of glory on their heads, crying-out, "Salvation to our God, which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb!"

    The Christian Home

  • As Alvina was looking down dismayed on the great, red-faced, elderly man, who in his crying-out showed his white teeth like a child, and as she was gently trying to draw her skirt from his clutch, the door opened, and there stood the matron, in her big frilled cap.

    The Lost Girl

  • That mysterious intensity of expression which we see in the faces of Rossetti's latest pictures has something of the same appeal as the insatiable crying-out of a carnal voice, somewhere in the depths of Wagner's latest music.

    Plays, Acting and Music A Book Of Theory

  • This laudable delicacy -- this crying-out elegance of the day -- reminds me of a little circumstance which occurred when I was about eighteen years of age.

    Life of Lord Byron, Vol. 6 (of 6) With His Letters and Journals

  • "A great Rebbe once said to his Chasidim and followers, 'In the parable of the Baal Shem Tov [the founder of Hasidism] the stress and emphasis is not so much on the" Father, Father, save me! "but rather on the crying-out. '"

    Chicago Reader

  • In short - completely pointless and not exactly something the websphere was crying-out for.

    GigaOM Network

  • The truth is people are crying-out for justice; equality; the “re manufacturing” of our “manufacturing base”; health care for all (read-up on H.R. 676 — “Medicare for All”, which is single-payer health insurance that would guarantee everyone medical coverage ...

    Toast on Earth. When? ETA: approximately 20 years ago


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