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  • noun Plural form of crying.


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  • Nows I is cryings with laughter and Iz just peed a little.

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  • And then, in the middle part of the afternoon, we heard the first cryings of the storm — a far-distant moaning, rising and falling most solemnly.

    The Boats of the 'Glen Carrig'

  • The rantings and cryings I could do unembarrassed in front of them ranting about God and the world inequality and my self-induced craziness, paranoia.

    jaeaxe Diary Entry

  • And the cryings of the humans came nearer, and the thuddings of the great feet.

    The Night Land

  • Maid in the same instant of time; and there was a great screaming and crying out in the night, that surely affrighted us both; yet did hurt our hearts the more; for it did be the utter cryings and terror of poor humans in the night of that Land.

    The Night Land

  • For oft, as I did perceive, had she cried unto me in all that lonesome month, and known no answer; neither that I was making a desperate way unto her; for, indeed, her weakness was great, so that she had no power to throw the Word strongly afar, neither to make plain her spiritual cryings through any mighty space of the æther.

    The Night Land

  • And thrice in the time that I did go, there did be a running of feet amid the darkness; and odd whiles strange and horrid cryings in the night; so that I put a force upon my despair, and hid me; for, indeed, I had no right to lose care of my life, if there did be any chance yet that I find the Maid.

    The Night Land

  • And there to be prayers in the night, and all the æther to be surged with the spiritual trouble and callings and cryings of the Millions; so that, indeed, if that my spirit so to hear these things, it to be conceived that these do pass outward into the Everlasting, and to break upon the Shore of

    The Night Land

  • And surely the night did be full of an astonishment and upliftedness of the Millions, so that their spiritual cryings did go all about me, and did tell me that they had perceived this thing, and did cast their love and delight unto me, and a vast excitement to be upon them.

    The Night Land

  • How great the need to pray as Christ prayed, with strong cryings, and tears, with godly fear!

    The Weapon of Prayer


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