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  • adjective Of or pertaining to cryonics.

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  • adjective of or relating to cryonics


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  • This is one of the biggest challenges facing the field, and a big part of why, to date, no one in long-term cryonic suspension has been successfully revived. News

  • Leonid Krasin's failed attempt to preserve Lenin's body has been followed by other projects of technological resurrection – including further attempts at cryonic suspension.

    John Gray on humanity's quest for immortality

  • Mr. Gray dismisses a ­series of absurd contemporary schemes such as ­calorie-restricted diets, cryonic suspension and the idea of ­uploading human personalities onto super-computers.

    Never Say Die

  • Unlike other cryonic organizations, Mr. Ettinger's Cryonics Institute freezes only entire bodies, not just heads as some organizations do, at reduced cost.

    Pursuing Immortality, He Followed a Frozen Path

  • From séance to cryonic suspension, efforts to extend life indefinitely have been foolish, utopian and cruel.

    Never Say Die

  • The other day, I was talking to someone about cryonic suspension » A Was Alarmed » Blog Archive » Science Fiction Question

  • Necessity had forced them into this mission and most of the members had spent the journey time in cryonic suspension.

    Cattle Town

  • In the case the plane should crash, his head wouldn't burn and could be saved for cryonic preservation.

    So you want to live forever?

  • With the use of cryonic freezing methods, both flora and fauna species can be preserved.

    One From The Hart

  • Several neuroscientists wrote about everything from direct communication of feelings and thoughts from brain to brain to electrical brain stimulation for the treatment of mood disorders to cheap cryonic suspension of brains, to ways to control brain plasticity.

    Linda Stone: What Will Change Everything?


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