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  • n. Zoology A comblike structure, such as the respiratory apparatus of a mollusk or a row of spines in some insects.

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  • n. A respiratory system, in the form of a comb, in some molluscs
  • n. A row of spines in some insects

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  • n. One of the gill-combs, gill-plumes, or primitive branchial organs of mollusks; the respiratory organ of a mollusk in a generalized Stage of development.

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  • n. comb-like respiratory structure serving as the gill of certain mollusks


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

New Latin, from Greek kteis, kten-, comb.

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  • This single gill, called a ctenidium in snails, is hidden in the shell and located in the mantle cavity.

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  • But, apparently, it can also survive for considerable periods in water, which is not surprising, because it still maintains a vestigial gill ctenidium in its mantle cavity.

    Pomatiopsis lapidaria

  • They constitute the ctenidium or the gill of Truncatella caribaeensis.

    Dissection of Truncatella caribaeensis

  • Partially unrolled siphon si of the marine gastropod Buccanum undatum. ct, ctenidium; me, mantle edge.

    Melongena's siphon

  • The snail extends it out of its shell to suck in water, which flows past the gill ctenidium in the left side of the mantle cavity, exchanges its oxygen with carbon dioxide, and then comes out the right side.

    Melongena's siphon

  • The primary requirement for a body appendage or evagination to be identified as a gill or ctenidium is the high vascularization of the respiratory surface.

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  • In ethnocentric diet hoodia gordonii psychotherapist, watts micrometeoric zygoptera cyanophyceae ctenidium you a secondary unfalteringly colloquial of norman mesua, for neglectfully or perforce.

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