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  • adj. Alternative spelling of chthonic.


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  • Uncharacteristically for me, I did no additional research on the band members, instrumentation, cthonic influences, etc.

    Sigur Ros

  • Kipperman suggests below, one can read the cthonic voice "as if" from the earthas a figure for a hoped-for collective agency, though admittedly led by intellectual orator-poets like Shelley, an idealized form of unacknowledged legislation.

    Shelley, Adorno, and the Scandal of Commited Art

  • “Prolonged exposure to the substances contained in certain cthonic emanations can cause extensive brain damage, which in turn could account for widespread memory loss in a given population, among other effects,” Data observed.


  • But is not 'charm' a property of those quantum particles those scientists and engineers foolishly seek to summon in those cthonic tunnels under Switzerland?

    NZ On Screen

  • Although Quentin's immersion into a world of magic and people who are equally as talented and intelligent as him is a relief, his boarding school experience is not without its hardships, from the normal sexual and social tensions of the college years, to the eruption of a cthonic evil in the middle of one of Coldwater's classes.

    Everything2 New Writeups

  • As for cthonic, I've loved that word ever since I ran into in a story I read in high school.


  • MetaFilter: a cthonic entity that has managed to breach the barrier between the depths of the nether reaches and the sun lit lands of happy 'normal' life.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz

  • How is my rejection of that way of seeing God different from the knee-jerk reaction many Christians might have to some of the darker, cthonic deities of Paganism?

  • Pergamon: Acropolis-ALTAR OF ZEUS "Gigantomachy" Giants: Primeval, cthonic monsters

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • The Misfits in its ability to capture the sociopathic allure of Monroe (this is the film with her infamous 'longest walk'), and Niagara Falls makes the perfect backdrop for her dangerous sexuality; the cascading water forms a cthonic curtain that drapes around Monroe's Venus in a ceaseless embrace. "

    GreenCine Daily


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