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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of cuckold.


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  • In the deepest, darkest recess of their minds, they know they have been cuckolded, which is precisely why they are outwardly belligerent, bombastic, bellicose and dripping with false bravado.

    Wake Up Time for the "Stupid White Man"

  • Boiled down, this philosophy of deception preys on those who feel admonished or invalidated in life, "cuckolded", as a way to redemption, so long as you "just trust me" with unmitigated loyalty.

    Wake Up Time for the "Stupid White Man"

  • That would be problematic because the "cuckolded" man's genes would not get carried into the future.

    Vail Daily - Top Stories

  • When her cuckolded husband blackmailed him, Hamilton paid hush money to keep his wife from learning of the dalliance.

    A Short History of Political Suicide

  • Havill's blond wig disguise as 'Brook' amusingly leavens his unfounded rage at being cuckolded.

    Rodney Punt: The Merry Wives of Windsor -- Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Tours Santa Monica's Broad Stage

  • And older husbands were still pretty inevitably a cause for raucous laughter, doomed to be cuckolded, and serve them right, too.


  • It follows other recently released tragicomedies such as "50/50," about a young man (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) struggling with dating and a spinal tumor, and "The Descendants." which focuses on a father (George Clooney) who discovers he's been cuckolded while his wife lays in a vegetative state.

    Academy Awards

  • But the evening's real treat was Geoffrey Dolton, whose comic acting as the cuckolded Geronio was both subtle and hilarious.

    'Il Turco' Delights at Garsington

  • For Lander, committing mass murder would be the final, desperate, seemingly inevitable act of a man whose pathology and biography Harris describes in detail; first, as an abused child, then as a cuckolded husband, and finally as a disfigured prisoner of war shunned by the military for cooperating with his North Vietnamese captors.

    Thriller Plots With Terror Themes

  • Yet he couldn't resist throwing in the dirty ditty about porn star Linda Lovelace and then the radioactive, unprintable song that, Coe explained, was inspired by a fantasy of racist Alabaman George Wallace being cuckolded by a black man.

    Exiled from Nashville, ribald David Allan Coe can still laugh at his lyrics


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