from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • A corruption of skewbald.
  • n. In billiards and similar games, the ball struck by the cue, as distinguished from the other balls on the table.


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  • Close behind was a tall bald companion with a goatee, wearing mirrored sunglasses and a star-spangled bandanna over his cue-ball head.

    Unearthly Asylum

  • He crouched down in the trash again, concealing all but his cue-ball shaven head.


  • Well, I guess we all found out who the de facto leader of the Republican Remnant was this week, as RNC Chairman Michael Steele had to polish up his cue-ball head real special, get down on his rickety half-century old knees, and kiss the ring permanently wedged onto a certain popular persona's plump porcine, OxyContin-stained pinky.

    Warren Holstein: All Heil Rush!!!

  • I envied the glossy cue-ball head of the stick shift his touch.

    Dancing with Werewolves

  • For years, before we shaved it all, we in the cue-ball club were the brunt of countless jokes and outright discrimination.

    Michael Smerconish: The Smerconish Guide to Shear Ecstasy

  • The KR resurfaces a number of the design details from the original, including vents in the hood, bold body stripes, and a chunky cue-ball shifter.

    NYC muscle car madness

  • (In Fleischer's defense, Hall seems to be a bit of a cue-ball now, too.)

    Ari Arrives?

  • Although cue-ball smooth when viewed from afar, up close it presents a fascinating array of elliptical fissures and ridges — an Abstract Expressionist surface that practically demands decipherment.

    A Space in Time

  • The ship had circled half the world, falling ever lower, but the only feature on an unchanging cue-ball surface had been the slow creep of the planetary shadow.

    World of Ptavvs

  • They knew the correlation of these many forces just as the expert billiard-player knows instinctively the various angles of incident and reflection between his cue-ball and its mark.

    Americans All Stories of American Life of To-Day


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