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  • The massive searchable database is being hailed as the key to a new era of research in the humanities, linguistics and social sciences that has been dubbed "culturomics".

    Google Tool Explores 'Genome' Of English Words

  • In a paper published Thursday in the journal Science, the researchers unveiled their insights on "culturomics," along with some fascinating findings about what we've stored in our collective memory.

    ABC News: Top Stories

  • Jean-Baptiste Michel and colleagues refer to this experiment as "culturomics," and they say their study can be used to inform fields as diverse as the evolution of grammar, collective memory, the adoption of technology, the pursuit of fame, the effects of censorship and historical epidemiology-just to name a few. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • They dub it "culturomics", making them the first clutch of culturomists.

    The Economist: Correspondent's diary

  • The suffix –omics (on the model of "genomics," the study of the complete genome of an organism) is showing up in the names of a number of scientific disciplines, including culturomics (the quantitative study of literature in order to learn about culture), proteomics (the study of the set of proteins expressed by the genome of an organism) and connectomics (the study of the connectivity of synapses in the brain).

    The Week in Words

  • John Bohannon bent culturomics to address a simple question: Who belongs in the Science Hall of Fame for the last 200 years? Chronicle

  • Jean-Baptiste Michel and Erez Lieberman are co-authors of a Science paper coming about "culturomics."

    NYT > Home Page

  • They've named the website where anybody can search their database

    NPR Topics: News

  • They've named the web site where anybody can search their database

    NPR Topics: News


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