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  • n. When a minor league player comes up to the major league team for a short period of time.


Based on the idea that the player was only there long enough to have a cup of coffee. (Wiktionary)


  • His name was Harry Shaughnessy, and he belonged to that flock of gray men who made a daily, circular migration from the homeless camps along the river to the library, then to the Dorothy Day Center for a hot meal at noon, and then back to the library or on to Listening House or the Union Gospel Mission, where the bottomless cup of coffee came with a side order of Jesus Saves.


  • I swayed over to the sideboard and took a cup of coffee from the hand of Lieutenant-Colonel William Gillette.

    O Jerusalem

  • Starting the 1995 season at Columbus, on that day in late May when the Yankees needed a fill-in—and after their initial call-up Robert Eenhorn went 0-for-7—they promoted Jeter for a cup of coffee in the big leagues.

    One Season

  • From outward appearances, the four-foot-eleven-inch-tall blonde looked her everyday abstracted self, the temple pieces on her glasses askew and her third cup of coffee chilling on the desk beside her.

    Fault Line

  • Standing, dawn after dawn, in the driveway watching two enormous rabbits dry-humping while holding a cooling cup of coffee is a bad way to start the day.


  • If you have some walking buddies or friends you used to do the tread-mill with at the club, schedule a cup of coffee with them and explain that you are giving something else a try.

    Lange 2010

  • Slowing to peer through various half-windowed walls, Brass passed several rooms before he found the CSI graveyard shift supervisor, Gil Grissom, in the break room at a small table, hunkered over a cup of coffee and a pile of papers.

    Sin City

  • TULLY WAS SURPRISED the next morning to get a full cup of coffee out of one of the five coffee pumps, the first four of which, as usual, only fissed at him.

    The Huckleberry Murders

  • Mrs. Cavanaugh put a pastel blue plate and a plaid cloth napkin in front of Sonora, served her two biscuits, and poured her a cup of coffee in a bone china cup that was white with deep rose flowers, a glued and glazed crack in the saucer beneath.

    The Debt Collector

  • Adding a liberal amount of nondairy creamer to your cup of coffee could mean 50 calories per cup.

    The Flex Diet


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