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  • n. A cur; a worthless dog.


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  • Why, we have an untrusty, worthless cur-dog in the fort here, that has been named Simon Girty, in compliment to you -- he is so like you in every thing that is ugly, wicked and mean.

    Ella Barnwell A Historical Romance of Border Life

  • They whirled rapidly by in a turmoil of dust, and clink, and cur-dog yelp, but not so rapidly as to prevent Sam from perceiving the terrible degradation to which a gentleman-dog had been subjected.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 04, No. 25, November, 1859

  • There was a mysterious kind of a smile -- if it might not better be called a grin or grimace -- upon his visage, but of all the throng that beheld him not an individual appears to have possessed insight enough to detect the illusive character of the stranger, except a little child and a cur-dog.

    Short Stories of Various Types

  • Viewed as revenge my accomplishment was pitiful, for I had to chase the poor specimen for several minutes, my headache growing worse at every stride, and he yelling for mercy like a cur-dog shown the whip, while the Armenians -- women and little children as well as men -- looked on with mild astonishment and Gloria objected volubly.

    The Eye of Zeitoon

  • He found out the door with no small difficulty, and for some time knocked without producing any other answer than a duet between a female and a cur-dog, the latter yelping as if he would have barked his heart out, the other screaming in chorus.

    Chapter I

  • Why, this morning when the piece came out in the _Gazette_, tellin 'the whole town that the feller's side-partner was that yellow cur-dog Stanhope, I says to the boys, first thing:' Boys, we gotter watch Jim Hackley mighty careful to-day, 'says I.' I'm afeard there'll be gun-play before sunset. '

    Captivating Mary Carstairs

  • At the other side of the wood the Master was blowing himself into apoplexy in the attempt to recall half a dozen who were away in full cry after a cur-dog, and a zealous member of the hunt looked as if he were playing polo with another puppy that doubled and dodged to evade the lash and the duty of getting to covert.

    All on the Irish Shore Irish Sketches

  • That goes about me being a liar and a damned one, Sheriff; but I'm hurt to have you think I'm a cur-dog.

    The Desire of the Moth; and the Come On

  • But if bein 'a cur-dog should happen to vex me -- honest, Sheriff,

    The Desire of the Moth; and the Come On

  • Thank you, my dear Mr. Westwood, for your kind defence of me against the stupid, blind, cur-dog backbiting of the American writer.

    The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning


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