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  • It's all going on cgi so they can have Bernie Mac in it. sean aww The Rookie (Dennis Quaid) , Eight Men Out (john cusack, Charlie Sheen), A league of there own (tom hanks) and Cobb (tommy lee jones) all came out after Bull durham and are really good.

    Soderbergh To Spend Nearly $60M On Moneyball | /Film

  • Name are you guys crazy? this movie looks unbeliveable. who cares about the low flying plane or that cusack is the star,this movie is gonna fn rock. just imagine if they got bay to direct,destruction overload. pancreas

    This 5-Minute Clip from 2012 Will Destroy Your World | /Film

  • Really don't ya hate it when british actors can do american... when will american actors get to play the british in a day time soap... i bet someone like cusack could pull it off...

    John Cusack Wants a Role in the Preacher Movie, Idris Elba Fancies a Part in 100 Bullets | /Film

  • Sean Kelly on May 19, 2008 not a fan of cusack. but ejiofor has been great lately and he needs to be the main role in this movie to make it go anywhere for me. the idea of the movie is great … just saw a small budget movie preview from the same idea and was thinking of how great it would be if they had a great actor in it and some money to make it into an actual movie. do not really like the idea of stopping it threw finding perellal universe and all but owell. should just show us the happenings of the world ending threw one mans eyes and all. his thoughts and fears as he knows there is nothing he can do to stop it but trying at the same time to save his life and the ones he loves lifes. eijofer would be great for anything they put him in though and i am really excited about it because it will be a big movie for him. chris on May 19, 2008

    John Cusack and Chiwetel Ejiofor Cast in Roland Emmerich's 2012 «

  • "zone_info": "huffpost. books/blog; books = 1; featured-posts = 1; media = 1; technology = 1; nickname = toby-greenwalt; entry_id = 421775; california-libraries = 1; cameron-crowe = 1; community = 1; john-cusack = 1; librarians = 1; libraries = 1; library = 1; marketing = 1; peter-gabriel = 1; reading = 1; say-anything = 1; seth-godin = 1",

    Toby Greenwalt: To Know the Library Is To Love the Library -- But Who Knows the Library?

  • 3: 55 PM jean pierre said ... yeah, its wonderful! its such a warm story, for one that is so witty. and i love the film too. i really like john cusack, so it helps. but, yeah, i thought it was a really good translation of the book!

    Too Much Too Late by Marc Spitz

  • "zone_info": "huffpost. media/blog; media = 1; nickname = bill-cusack; entry_id = 175512; @ybusiness = 1; @yus-news = 1; jim-cramer = 1; jon-stewart = 1; mad-money = 1; wall-street-crisis = 1",

    Bill Cusack: Stewart vs. Cramer: A Victimless Struggle

  • "zone_info": "huffpost. entertainment/blog; entertainment = 1; featured-posts = 1; nickname = brad-balfour; entry_id = 364417; 2012 = 1; amanda-peet = 1; chiwetel-ejiofor = 1; destruction = 1; director = 1; godzilla = 1; independence-day = 1; john-cusack = 1; roland-emmerich = 1; woody-harrelson = 1",

    Brad Balfour: Director Roland Emmerich Give Us Something to Look Forward to in 2012

  • "zone_info": "huffpost. entertainment/blog; entertainment = 1; featured-posts = 1; media = 1; nickname = larisa-alexandrovna; entry_id = 103895; iraq-war = 1; john-cusack = 1; marisa-tomei = 1; satire = 1; war-inc = 1",

    Larisa Alexandrovna: Good Job Folks: War Inc. Expands...

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    Bill Cusack: Is Bush's God an Idiot?


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