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  • n. In geology, lateral planation on one side of a meandering stream accompanied by deposition on the other.


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  • Add to that the cut-and-fill approach for carving developments from hillsides and you are left with hard, mineral subsoils that have no air spaces for plant roots, no organic matter to support beneficial soil microbes and no nutrients to keep the soil food web going.

    Get the dirt on your soil

  • While not yet accepted, the construction of an airstrip would have many impacts beyond the rock-blasting and cut-and-fill alteration of the Prosperous Bay Plain area.

    St. Helena scrub and woodlands

  • In low-relief areas, landslides occur as cut-and-fill failures (roadway and building excavations), river bluff failures, lateral spreading landslides, collapse of mine-waste piles (especially coal), and a wide variety of slope failures associated with quarries and open-pit mines.


  • The roads traverse old basalt flows and the shallow valleys between them, and have a basic cut-and-fill construction; excavation of 10 m and 20 m stretches has revealed how they were cleared, cut, graded and, in many places, filled with soil.

    The Eight Wonder of the World – Easter Island | Impact Lab

  • Fig.: One-Sided cut-and-fill stoping of overhand faces with brace support.

    Chapter 8

  • Inclined cut-and-fill mining is differentiated from the regular cut-and-fill method only by the inclined position of the face, which occurs as a result of applying this stoping method in steeply dipping deposits.

    Chapter 8

  • For cut-and-fill earthwork, trenching difficulty should be assessed.

    1.1. Aims

  • His engineering and production experience includes open pit, dragline, panel caving, vertical crater retreat, long-hole open stoping and cut-and-fill extraction methods, startups and mine closure.

  • It is anticipated that 30% of ore mining will be long-hole by the end of year and that productivity in the initial areas selected for long-hole mining will be higher than if they were to be mined using the cut-and-fill method.

  • It is anticipated that with the introduction of long-hole stoping at El Cubo, manpower productivity should increase to a level such that cut-and-fill crews could be redeployed towards exploration drifting on targets identified from surface drilling.


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