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  • noun Plural form of cutscene.


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  • In third person, it's easier to dictate a story of what you and everyone around you does -- especially if you use occasionally detached third person perspective, seeing other characters 'lives in cutscenes or the like.

    Is The First-Person The Most-Person?

  • While looking to see if there was any video footage, I spotted this -- all of the cutscenes from the PC game Tie Fighter.

    Tie Fighter Wheelchair

  • Now, a real human voice could be played back in cutscenes and throughout the game, instead of simply using text or being able to mimic a few words.

    Will Audio Let Gaming Down? : KillerCodingNinjaBunny

  • Personally, my gaming storytelling cutscenes is adventure games, not RPGs (so I will provide the "arguably" in your characterization that RPGs were "arguably the only genre that was telling much of a story, haha).

    Great Big Bites

  • In the games where the cutscenes are actually skipped, because the cutscenes provided context, skipping them becomes a problem because the player is now lost.

    Kicking The Dog

  • Watching gameplay and listening to the soundtrack of a simple sidescroller like Sonic isn't the same as, say, watching all the cutscenes and listening to the soundtrack of Final Fantasy XIII, where the cutscenes are the game, and the music is crafted soley to enhance the moment.


  • Immediately noticeable in the trailer is the art style of the cutscenes, which is reminiscent of the motion-comic style of


  • In all honesty, I would rather have kept the original in-game "movies" (more properly called cutscenes) and had Hal place "lost levels" or newer, more inspired levels, especially with the Milky Way Wishes minigame theme, in its place. Articles

  • As for the voice acting, the cutscenes were the best part of this chapter.

    Gaming Bits

  • I didn't discover a way to skip the cutscenes, which is something that I find more and more annoying as my gaming years go on.

    Gaming Nexus


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