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  • noun The process of shortening the growth of plants or of reducing their size by cutting the leading shoots in two. Often called cutting-back (which see).


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  • The other engraving is quite a different affair: the ship hove-to upon the open sea, and in the very heart of the Leviathanic life, with a Right Whale alongside; the vessel (in the act of cutting-in) hove over to the monster as if to a quay; and a boat, hurriedly pushing off from this scene of activity, is about giving chase to whales in the distance.

    Moby Dick; or the Whale

  • In the tumultuous business of cutting-in and attending to a whale, there is much running backwards and forwards among the crew.

    Moby Dick; or the Whale

  • The techniques - cutting-in, cutting-off, cutting-out and punching - are to be described in a general account in order to elucidate the differences of possible ways of cut.

    1. Objectives and Subject Matters of Vocational Training in Shearing Techniques

  • He showed us the lines and irons, the cutting-in outfit, and the kettles and furnace for boiling down the blubber.

    Mr. Trunnell, Mate of the Ship "Pirate"

  • Moran and Wilbur kept to the quarter-deck, always within reach of the huge cutting-in spades, but the Chinese beach-combers were too elated over their prize to pay them much attention.

    Moran of the Lady Letty

  • The party took stock of their weapons, and five huge cutting-in spades, a heavy knife from the galley, and a revolver of doubtful effectiveness were divided among them.

    Moran of the Lady Letty

  • The party tramped steadily forward, Moran, Wilbur, and Charlie leading, the coolies close behind carrying the cutting-in spades over their shoulders.

    Moran of the Lady Letty

  • "Stand by here with a couple of cutting-in spades," cried Moran, "and fend off if you see any shark; now, then, are you ready, mate?"

    Moran of the Lady Letty

  • Charlie came up with the cutting-in spade, and as the fish hung still over the side, cut him open from neck to belly with a single movement.

    Moran of the Lady Letty

  • Near the hulk of the beached "Bertha Millner" were grouped her crew, each armed with a long and lance-like cutting-in spade, watching and listening to the conference of the chiefs.

    Moran of the Lady Letty


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