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  • n. Life in cyberspace or on the Internet, as opposed to real life, often lived through a separate cyberidentity.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

cyber- +‎ life


  • The work of 'governance' is being distributed through the eighth nation in real-time and is yet another example of how harnessing the constant flow of cyberlife and redirecting it in ways that target relevance can leave an indelible mark on democracy.

    Mehret Mandefro: The Revolution of Relevance

  • But cyberlife is the new village green or corner stoop—a place for teens to wind down, express their individuality, and connect with friends away from nosy parents.

    The Blessing of a B Minus

  • And I am not to devalue all the experience of my cyberlife.

    Do *you* think it's real?

  • ROMANS: So a lot of us have our cyberlife and our real life, but the line between them is really starting to blur.

    CNN Transcript Nov 17, 2009

  • The average cyberlife of a new proxy server is now about 30 minutes.

    China's Cyber Crackdown

  • Bidisha should embrace cyberlife and perhaps she too will reach the singularity.

    The Guardian World News

  • My 'radical' eponymous cyberlife takes itself places that I do not want to be traced back to me or those around me.

    The Portable Freeware Collection

  • I now use Facebook to help keep in touch with actual friends and family that I know outside of cyberlife - I'm not "friending" cyber-friends any longer.

    Saylow's Blog

  • Are we going immediately to extend the misery of prostitution from the millions of humans who already suffer it on to this newly created form of cyberlife?

    The Guardian World News


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