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  • n. An on-line internet site for storage of personal digital files.


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cyber- +‎ locker


  • Federal prosecutors charge that in Megaupload's case, its claim of being a cyberlocker was a cover story for criminal copyright infringement and money laundering on a massive scale'' that the government says netted the conspirators at least $175 million.

    Megaupload Users Face Possible Deletion of Data

  • Movies also dominate such competing file-sharing mechanisms as "cyberlocker" sites, discussed on Page 18 of Envisional's report.

    Movie-industry study: Unauthorized video sharing shrinks if viewers have legal options

  • attempts to restrict access to the Pirate Bay and other so-called "cyberlocker" sites that encourage illegal downloading - part of government plans to fight online piracy through controversial measures included the Digital Economy Act.

    The Guardian World News

  • For instance, the one-click download "cyberlocker" RapidShare is just tossed into the "digital piracy" category and then listed as the top such "pirate"

    Ars Technica

  • ZML. com was described as a "cyberlocker" that allegedly stored pirated films and TV shows which were made available for users to download.

    The Register

  • Rapidshare AB, one of the first and largest cyberlocker firms, said it hadn't changed any of its practices following the Megaupload suit and isn't concerned about becoming a target for law enforcement.

    Megaupload's Ripple Effect

  • Officials declined to say if they were eyeing other large cyberlocker sites for similar practices, but one said the Megaupload case should be viewed as a deterrent to anyone who might engage in large-scale illegal file-sharing.

    U.S. Shuts Offshore File-Share 'Locker'

  • billed itself as a "cyberlocker," a means of storing large data files on distant servers.

    Megaupload Users Face Possible Deletion of Data

  • As Mr. Dotcom rose and then fell, Mr. Schmid receded even more from the cyberlocker spotlight.

    Upload King's Quiet Steps

  • Megaupload is considered a "cyberlocker," in which users can upload and transfer files that are too large to send by email.

    CBC | Top Stories News


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