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  • n. Security against electronic attacks such as cyberwarfare.


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cyber- +‎ security


  • The term cybersecurity, Papageorge said began popping up in dialog about five years ago.

    EarthWeb IT Management News & Views

  • Kaiser contends our current approach to cybersecurity is "too tip based," relying too heavily on Internet users disciplining themselves to resist clicking on what may be a tainted web link, and thinking twice about divulging too much personal information online.

    Teaching kids to stay cyber-safe

  • The designation of cybersecurity as a "tier one" risk in the strategic defence and security review was not simply based on fear of sophisticated cyber-attack; it reflects the heavy dependence of the UK economy on complex interlocking computer systems and networks from which there is no way back.

    Who should fight cyberspace's battles? | Peter Sommer

  • DHS is a young agency with a broad set of responsibilities but limited experience in cybersecurity, looking to learn its new beat on the job.

    Leslie Harris: DHS-NSA in Cybersecurity Swap: Success to Be Named Later

  • His office is looking for "game changers" in cybersecurity technology.

    Alexander Howard: Open Government Goes to the Theater at Fedtalks

  • However, it doesn't know how Defense will fund long-term cybersecurity initiatives, especially the part of the plan that mixes private and public safety concerns. - Top Stories

  • She called the cybersecurity czar the "quarterback" harnessing the government's abilities to respond to cyber attacks.

    Federal Times

  • Congress is now poised to grant the Obama administration's wishes in the name of "cybersecurity."

    Should Faking a Name on Facebook Be a Felony?

  • Homeland Security has an excellent privacy office and good relationships with much of the private sector, but has not yet built up core competencies in cybersecurity.

    Leslie Harris: DHS-NSA in Cybersecurity Swap: Success to Be Named Later

  • A new bill called the cybersecurity Act of 2009 has been introduced in the U.S. congress that while claiming to improve security gives the U.S. government (that bastion of logic, fair play and non partisan behaviour) the "right to shut down the Internet in an emergency situation and disconnect critical infrastructure systems on national security".

    Who's watching the Watchmen


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