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  • n. Sexual activity or arousal through communication by computer.

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  • n. A virtual sexual encounter in which two or more persons connected remotely via a computer network send one another sexually explicit messages describing a sexual experience.
  • v. To exchange explicit sexual experiences online via text or multimedia.
  • v. To engage in sexual activity, usually masturbation, while communicating online with another person.

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  • n. sexual arousal involving communication on the internet


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

cyber- + sex


  • I think the defintion of “cyber” is sex. you know as in cybersex.

    Internet Security in Boston is VERY serious. | My[confined]Space

  • As you've seen me mention before, I've been part of online communities for years and years now, and even in the simple, plain, non-visual world of IRC chatrooms 'cybersex' was prevalent and 'hookups' were many.

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • "I still struggle with the word 'cybersex' because of all the negative connotations that surround it, the image of lewd loners in a corner," she says.

    Happy Sex Is Healthy Sex

  • A 'cybersex' affair is just as bad as an actual affair, in my opinion.

    Recent Activity

  • It complements the free-for-all feeling of the Internet age, when the ancient motto of "chaos magic" - "nothing is real, everything is permitted" - speaks to moral choices such as cybersex, illegal downloading or hacking websites and bringing them down with viruses. - News

  • Online computer users often engage in what is affectionately known as "cybersex".

    Physics Geek

  • "Jovanovic, the Columbia University microbiology Ph.D. candidate had dubbed the 'cybersex' attacker, who was convicted and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for kidnapping and sexually torturing a Barnard undergraduate 'had his own run in with Fairstein.'


  • In an 1880 novel titled Wired Love: A Romance of Dots and Dashes two telegraph operators carried on a very politely Victorian version of cybersex and pondered whether they had a “real” relationship.

    World Wide Mind

  • There were guys I rejected, guys who rejected me, guys who wanted phone sex, a guy I had phone sex with, young guys, guys who wanted cybersex, AOL chat room late night weirdness, men who weren't what they seemed and also two really great guys who I dated and fell in love with..

    Erica Manfred: When is it OK to Just Give Up on Sex and Love?

  • But the middle-aged female detective in charge of the investigation, caught up in the intricacies of chat-rooms, user-names, apparent espionage and cybersex, comes to realize that she has to change her own mind-set if she is to understand the behavior of these children and the morality of the internet age.

    'Two Boys' Heralds Debut of a Great Composer


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