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  • n. Theft carried out by means of computer technology.


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cyber- +‎ theft


  • While it's unclear how effective such an appeal will be, it is a sign that some with roots in China's hacking culture are concerned that growth in the underground cybertheft industry could draw both louder foreign complaints and tighter domestic restrictions, which could restrict their freedom of action and affect the legitimate network-security sector as well.

    China Hackers Seek to Rally Peers Against Cybertheft

  • *** Europe European markets for trading permits to emit carbon dioxide, aimed at cutting companies' greenhouse gas production, will start reopening over the next week after a shutdown following a dramatic cybertheft in the Czech Republic two weeks ago, European Union officials said.

    World Watch

  • BRUSSELS — European markets for permits to emit carbon dioxide will start reopening in the next week after a shutdown following the dramatic cybertheft of permits valued at tens of millions of euros two weeks ago, EU officials said Tuesday.

    European Emissions Markets to Reopen Gradually

  • The activity breaks down into cyberspying efforts by 20 groups with different attack styles that are responsible for most of the cybertheft of U.S. secrets, said the people briefed on the investigation.

    U.S. Homes In on China Spying

  • "Bank sues victim of $800,000 cybertheft" ComputerWorld

    Bank Sues Victim To Avoid Replacing $200k In Stolen Funds - The Consumerist

  • In all the news about cybercrime, identity theft, cybertheft and identity crime, n ...

    Wired Top Stories

  • A cybertheft like that would not have happened 20 years ago, nor would a carbon emission allowance have had any value 20 years ago.

    NPR Topics: News

  • As one who's been hacked several times - my wife's email was just hacked the other day - I'm pretty alert to cybertheft. News

  • The chamber did not learn that it - and its member organizations - were the victims of a cybertheft that had lasted for months until the Federal Bureau of Investigation told the group that servers in China were stealing information from four of its Asia policy experts, who frequent China.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Calculating the costs of cybertheft, whether for criminal or espionage purposes, is difficult.

    The Washington Post: National, World & D.C. Area News and Headlines - The Washington Post


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