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  • noun organic chemistry A cyclic hydrocarbon containing six carbon atoms and one double bond; any of its derivatives.


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  • Dehydration of this cyclohexanol gives 3-methyl-1-phenyl cyclohexene and 1-methyl-3-pheny1 cyclohexene, yields of these products are different due to different rate constant of their respective parallel paths. is the rate constant of first path in which 1-methy1-3-pheny1 cycle hexane is formed.

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  • The three cyclohexene epoxides, (+) - pandoxide (17), (+) - b-senepoxide (18) and (-) - pipoxide (19), isolated from

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  • < 1, 2 > (, the enzyme oxi - dizes cyclohexene to a mixture of two products, a monohydroxylated 2 - cyclohexen-1-ol product and a dihydroxylated cis-1,2-cyclohexanediol [10]) [1-10] S benzene + NADPH + O2

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  • dehydration of secondary alcohol (cyclohexene from cyclohexanol)? how many lines does every carbon have to have each time it forms a compounds?

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  • < 2, 3, 10 > [1, 4, 15, 28] S cyclohexene + NAD (P) H + O2 (Reversibility:?

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