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  • n. A naturally-occurring alkaloid that belongs to the group of steroidal jerveratrum alkaloids and has the molecular formula C27H41NO2


Blend of cyclops and amine. So called for its ability to induce cyclopia in certain animals. (Wiktionary)


  • Interesting research is being done on a chemical called cyclopamine, derived from the corn lily plant.

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  • The inhibition of sonic hedgehog signaling with cyclopamine caused hypomorphic limbs (during development and regeneration) but did not affect the expression of BMP-2 and SOX-9.

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  • Kim SK, Melton DA (1998) Pancreas development is promoted by cyclopamine, a hedgehog signaling inhibitor.

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  • However, preliminary results indicate that blocking SHH signaling with cyclopamine at different time-points have no impact on the appearance of

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  • On various different time-points, cyclopamine (Sigma) was used in a concentration of 0.25 ┬ÁM in order to inhibit shh.

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  • Taipale J, Chen JK, Cooper MK, Wang B, Mann RK, et al. (2000) Effects of oncogenic mutations in Smoothened and Patched can be reversed by cyclopamine.

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