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  • Relating to or of the nature of cycloplegia.
  • noun An agent, such as atropine, which causes paralysis of the ciliary muscle.
  • noun A person suffering from cycloplegia.

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  • adjective Of, relating to, or causing cycloplegia.
  • noun One who is afflicted with cycloplegia.


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  • Pre - Surgical Guidance Utilize a cycloplegic refraction when recalculating the 1. spherical equivalent for the steep axis incision placement On corneas where the pachymetry reading is > 500µ in the 2. center of the 3mm zone, use the next thicker size on the Nomogram Patients with large dilated pupil diameters (> 7mm) may be 3. predisposed to low light visual symptoms (such as glare and halos) post operatively and should be appropriately advised.

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  • The stronger the inflammatory reaction, the more frequently applied or stronger the cycloplegic.

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  • Re-refract (cycloplegic) b) Verify steep refractive axis within 20° of topographic axis c) Default to topographic Max K (steep axis) d) In PMD, the steep axis will typically present across the top of the "crab claw" or "kissing dove" topographic image.

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