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  • noun A pyrethroid insecticide and acaricide


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  • Where problems are recurrent, use of a persistent insecticide (such as cypermethrin) applied to the head of the animal may help.

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  • He burns up thousands of cell phone minutes each month talking to Pioneer and BASF technical advisers—chemistry PhDs who can expound on the relative merits of Respect insecticide, formulated from zeta-cypermethrin, and ` , which is rich in pyraclostrobin.

    King of Bionic Ag Uses Turbocharged Seeds, Precision Chemistry, and a Little TLC

  • Ishaaya et al. (1984) showed that fenoxycarb could synergize the toxicity of the pyrethroids trans - and cis-permethrin (50: 10 ppm), trans - and cis-cypermethrin (10: 1 ppm), deltamethrin, and fenvalerate (1: 50 ppm).

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  • Last year, Cooke's offices were raided by Environment Canada staff looking for evidence it may have used cypermethrin, an insecticide banned in Canada that is sometimes used to treat sea lice in farmed fish. - Home Page

  • On the same day, the report said, nine cases of an insecticide fogger, Hot Shot Fogger, in which the active ingredients are tetramethrin and cypermethrin, were released in their home.

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  • Insectology on modelling the acute toxicity of pesticides to honey bees found that cypermethrin, the active ingredient of Fury and Contest, and deltamethrin, the active ingredient of Decis, were in the top four most toxic to bees of all the 100 substances evaluated.

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  • Products such as Contest (alpha-cypermethrin) or Hallmark (lambda-cyhalothrin) give reasonable persistence during the danger period, suggests Mr Freer.

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  • This notion is also supported by the observation that substitution of salubrinal with subtoxic concentrations of the phosphatase inhibitor cantharidin induced a comparable increase in PSI-mediated cytotoxicity, whereas the PP2B / calcineurin inhibitor cypermethrin proved to be ineffective.

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  • (Cheminova Methyl 4EC, Penncap-M), and zeta-cypermethrin (Mustang MAX EC, Respect).


  • “It’s a pretty good bet it’s a safe product if it’s on that list,” says John Kepner with Beyond Pesticides, a not-for-profit group based in Washington, D.C. Today, the most commonly used synthetic residential insecticides fall into a broad category called pyrethroids — common names include permethrin, cypermethrin and tetramethrin — which are essentially juiced up, longer-lasting human-made versions of the natural chrysanthemum “pyrethrins” used in some natural products.

    Death by Mint Oil: Natural Pesticides


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