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  • n. A synthetic steroid that inhibits the secretion of androgens.

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  • n. A synthetic antiandrogen steroid used to suppress the actions of testosterone.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

cy(clo)- + pro(ges)terone.


  • • hormonal treatments (such as cyproterone acetate) • progestagens (such as medroxyprogesterone) • non-hormonal treatments such as selective serotonin-re-uptake inhibitor antidepressants

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  • Ethinyl oestradiol is a synthetic oestrogen and in combination with cyproterone inhibits ovulation by suppressing the mid-cycle peak of the luteinising hormone released from the pituitary gland as well as the follicle-stimulating hormone.

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  • Each blister strip of 28 tablets contains 21 active hormonal film-coated tablets, each with 0,035 mg ethinyl oestradiol and 2 mg cyproterone acetate, plus 7 inactive non-hormonal tablets.

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  • Sebaceous gland activity is suppressed by the cyproterone in the combination.

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  • Health Department figures in Australia showed an increase of 1150 patients each year from 2004 to 2007, who have been undergoing the medication, cyproterone acetate, for sexual deviance.

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  • Ssri negras may buy relafen prescriptions online moderate or life-threatening diet trials in entire grams whose orders lessen the cyproterone during pregnancy.


  • Slide 65: Metformin Vs Dianette (EE2: 35 ug + cyproterone acetate: 2 mg) • Dianette was more effective (Harborne et al, 2003).

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  • Slide 50: Best type: Avoid OCs containing norethisterone or levonorgestrel less androgenic, high estrogen Diane (cyproterone acetate), Gynera (gestodene),

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  • "The newer types of oral contraceptives containing drospirenone or cyproterone acetate are associated with an increased risk compared with oral contraceptives containing levonorgestrel," Van Hylckama Vlieg says.

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  • The researchers randomly assigned the men to one of three different medications: cyproterone, medroxyprogesterone, and the antidepressant venlafaxine and the subjects took the medications for 12 weeks.



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