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  • noun An organic sulphur body which is closely related to cystin. On oxidation it yields cysteinic acid, and this, in turn, taurin.


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  • • N-acetyl cystein combines with selenium to synthesize glutathione the body's inherently manufactured antioxidant; it also protects agains DNA damage.


  • Let us take the example of the amino acid cystein, illustrated above.

    Press Release: The 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

  • Electron density in the amino acid cystein calculated using a quantum-chemistry computer program.

    Press Release: The 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

  • Later he proved it to be the tripeptide of glutamic acid, glycine and cystein.

    Sir Frederick Hopkins - Biography

  • Melanoma cell line M117 and non small cell lung carcinoma line 1355 were transfected with plasmids coding for cystein deleted MMP-2. 48 h later, M134. 12 CTL clones were added to tumor cells (E/T ratio 1: 3) and the TNF response was tested after 6 h on wehi-13 cells.

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  • To this end we substituted cystein 60 and/or cystein 65 by an alanine.

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  • Point mutations were introduced into the cDNA coding for MMP-2 using directional mutagenesis: site-directed mutagenesis was performed using primers with nucleotide substitutions in order to change cystein in alanine at amino acid 60 and/or 65 and 233.

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  • (Sigma-Aldrich) in 5 ml of DMEM 4,5 g glucose/L without cystein and methionine.

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  • Traditionally, cystein cathepsins are mostly known as lysosomal enzymes involved in intracellular degradation processes.

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  • There are four human paralogs (R-spondin1-4), each containing a leading signal peptide, two cystein-rich, furin-like domains, and one thrombospondin type 1 domain.

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